Are people with hypothermia susceptible to illness during sleep?

Based on human body temperature 36.5 ℃, it is said that immunity will drop by 35% if body temperature drops 1℃. Because the body temperature will fall during bedtime, the immune system of the body will fall. If the condition of low body temperature continues, declining excretion function, autonomic imbalance, allergic symptoms etc. will appear. Those who are referred to as hypothermia can be said to be in a condition that is most susceptible to sickness, with the body temperature being lowest during sleep.

So, the lower the body temperature, the lower the immunity, the closer to the state of death.

How does Alpha-slim work?

The mixed natural ores on Alpha-Slim emit 9.8 micron far infrared rays constantly, which resonate with human body temperature, without using electricity.
In other words, far-infrared radiation activates the human body which is said to be 70% moisture, promoting heat production and possibly raising body temperature and therefore enhancing autoimmune power.

Body heat production:
Alpha-Slim: heat production from inside the body while sleeping, unconsciously, effortlessly.
Electronic equipment: heat production from outside the body.

If blood flow improves, due to heat production
Then what happens?

  1. In the process of deep body temperature rising, the heat escapes from the capillary. The blood is warmed.
  2. Body temperature rises.
  3. It cleans the blood vessel (plaque removal)
  4. The blood vessel stretches by restoring the elasticity of the blood vessel
  5. The number of capillaries increases
  6. The substance metabolism with the cell becomes active and the cell becomes healthy

What will happen to the body when sleeping in Alpha-Slim?

Several Demonstrations for Alpha-Slim

◆ Raise of body temperature
◆ Reduction of body fat
◆ Induced alpha-wave from brain
◆ Detox power-up during sleep
◆ Pelvic coordination exercises
◆ Improvement of capillary blood flow
◆ Improvement of high blood pressure
◆ Parasympathetic works well

Raise of body temperature
Improvement of serious hypothermia!

Detox power-up during sleep