Prevention of diabetes from blood flow improvement

A large number of glucose is contained in the blood of diabetes and pre-diabetic people.
If there are many sugars, the blood becomes sticky and muddy, blood flow disturbance occurs and it becomes easy to become clogged. To prevent serious complications, the most important thing to do is improve blood flow.

When blood flow disturbance occurs, secretion of insulin which is a hormone necessary for adjustment of blood glucose level is inhibited, and glucose is in the state of being in the blood. Causes of poor blood circulation include eating habits disorder, lack of exercise, stress, coldness and so on. These causes are all those that can improve with daily routine.

Relationship between sleep and blood sugar level

According to domestic and foreign epidemiological studies, the risk that middle - aged men who suffer from insomnia will develop diabetes after 12 years seems to be 4.8 times higher than when they are not insomnia. Even in experiments targeting young healthy adults, the results show that in sleep deprivation period the blood glucose level of after breakfast rises by 10% to 20% compared to when have good sleep.

Sleep disorders increase blood glucose and triglyceride values and spur over obesity and diabetes. And in the process, the decrease in basal metabolism and the appetite increase occur, and hypertension will also develop from obesity and hyperlipidemia.

Sleep vs Diabetes/Hypertension

・40% of hypertensive patients are insomnia.
・60% of diabetes has insomnia.