Everyone knows that sleep is very important. Awaking naturally becomes a barometer of health.

・ Sleep relaxes the brain
・ Sleep also gives me the power to resist stress
・ Sleep improves the flow of blood and lymph
・ Growth hormone is secreted during sleep at night
・ 1 trillion cells of the human body are regenerated during sleep everyday

But many people are suffering insomnia.

It is said quality sleep can be obtained by adjusting sleeping environment. It includes inside environment of the body, and external environment.

Creating Inside environment

      1. Improve circulation and warm body
      2. Hormone secretion
      3. Relax the brain

Creating external environment

1. Darken
2. Creating a Noiseless Environment
3. Avoid harmful electromagnetic waves
4. Take food that warms the body
5. Walk and perform gymnastics
6. Take a bath
7. Select bedding
8. Choose clothing
9. Not watching PC, TV, smartphone etc. just before sleeping

Alpha-Slim: Beddings that make it easy to prepare sleeping environment.

・ Alpha-Slim makes it easy to realize the ideal sleep that the body warms and the brain relaxes.
・ When the blood flow rises and the brain relaxes, it becomes a good deep sleep
・ Alpha-Slim always emit 9.8 micron far infrared! And it Enhances Natural Healing Power
By the action of 11 kinds of natural mixed ores, far infrared rays of 9.8 micron continue radiating, the rays resonate most to the human body out of the range of growth rays (6-14 micron). When blood circulation improves by the action of resonance, recovering ability of mental and physical fatigue improves by taking strain of muscles and fatigue and activating gastrointestinal.

・ From Alpha-slim, super high frequency of terra hertz region occurs. It leads the brain wave to the alpha wave in a short time and realizes deep sleep.

Induced alpha-wave from brain

Clinical test result ( at hospital in Tokyo)
After using Alpha-Slim products 9 minutes, Alpha wave spreads all over the brain, to relax the brain and activate at the cellular level.
・ Because electricity is not used, the risk to the human body is low and it is safe. There is no worry of low temperature burns and electromagnetic waves. People who are using the base maker, as well as the elderly, people with high blood pressure, pregnant women and infants can also use it with confidence. It is also loved and used in hospitals and nursing care facilities.
When the far infrared ray touches the skin, the water molecule in the cell resonates, a thermal reaction occurs, and it gets warmer and warmer inside body.

By using "TANITA Sleep Scan SL-501", to observe the sleep status of sleeping on Alpha-Slim: it is proved that breathing, heart rate, body movement (turning over) is stable, the brain is relaxed and a deep sleep is obtained.

Thousands of Alpha-Slim users realized their good quality sleep!

--"I felt sleepy and comfortable."
--"I am able to sleep well, I wake up cleanly."
--"Although I cannot sleep well when stay at hotels, I slept soundly last night on Alpha-Slim sheets."
In addition, some sports athletes have become able to sleep well, so their concentration in the daytime has increased, and there are also cases where they have succeeded.